Yann Thoma

Yann Thoma is professor at HEIG-VD, and the director of the Reconfigurable and Embedded Digital Systems (REDS) institute. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the EPFL. His competences range from the development of high-level software up to the design of FPGA systems. Before being a professor, he has been mainly working on unconventional reconfigurable hardware platforms, both within the POEtic and the PERPLEXUS European research projects. He mainly designed the hardware part and the software applications exploiting the new hardware. He also worked on a new quantum cryptographic system with University of Geneva (SECOQC european project), for which he developed the hardware architecture, implemented on a reconfigurable platform. For all these projects he was fully responsible for the hardware research and development.

As a professor he still works on both software and hardware systems, mainly in the bio-medical field. His main achievement in terms of software development is TUCUXI, a tool for helping pharmacologists or doctors to better adapt drug dosage in order to fit the patient's needs. This software was developed in close collaboration with the CHUV (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) and is now under clinical validation.

In terms of hardware, he now mainly works on hardware accelerators, by not only designing the core computing function, but by fully integrating it within an entire working system. In close conjunction with the design development, last year he started to exploit formal verification for validating RTL designs. ​


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