Advanced Wireless communication system for Ultra High Definition television contribution links
September 2017 - July 2020
Integrated Design of Embedded Systems

The goal of this project is to identify and implement a robust, bidirectional wireless modulation to be exploited for highly reliable UHD wireless TV contribution links, improving video, audio and data convergence in setups composed of several portable cameras and one or more stationary units.

The market of premium-grade television contributions is migrating toward Ultra-HD (4K) video formats. Whenever contributions have to be wirelessly connected, world-class events like Tour de France and Olympic Games for instance, the new Ultra-HD formats require very high radio capacity: in fact, even with the help of High-Efficiency-Video-Coding (HEVC), compressed bitrates are expected to double for latency-constrained, short-range applications. Available radio frequency (RF) systems are unable to tackle the challenge of reliably conveying a bitrate of 50+ Mbps without any service degradation in a challenging multi-path propagation environment, introducing only few milliseconds of latency. In this project we propose the study of a novel bidirectional modulation scheme tailored for these applications.

The deployment of multiple antennas on the transmitter and receiver is possible, thus OFDM MIMO transmission schemes offer potential to increase the payload bitrate. Advanced Error-Correcting codes and innovative servo algorithms will complete the proposed solution. OFDM modulations coupled with MIMO systems and error correcting codes are not new and several implementations and standards exist. Nevertheless, most of the existing research corpus focuses on multiple users access neglecting latency and single connection data rate as primary constraints. With this project we would like to fill this gap contributing to the research community new results about a peculiar usage of the radio resource. This study will constitute one of the pillars for Livetools next-gen "Fusion" UHD products, which will offer an increased throughput and a return channel with video/audio feedback for professional cameras. These products are aimed to maintain, and once again reassert, our technological advantage. Products shall reach maturity for Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics, where the first one hundred links are expected to be deployed by our main clients.