Projets du REDS

Projets passés

  • AFSS
    Adaptative File System for Space Application

    Technique de mesure dimensionnelle dans le domaine de la métrologie

  • EMG4B
    Energy Management Gateway for Buildings

  • PoSeNoGap
    Portable Scalable Concurrency for Genomic Data Processing

  • ISyPeM2
    Intelligent Integrated System for Personalized Medicine 2: From the Point of Care to the Databases

  • Movable
    MicrOscopic VisuAlization of BLood cElls for the Detection of Malaria and CD4+

  • Monartis
    Monitoring and Analysis of Real-Time Industrial System

  • Netbox
    Wireless router to Internet for telemetry, vehicles, and remote applications

  • Omiam
    Live OS Migration on Android Multicore Devices

  • Op&Sec
    Open & Secure virtualized environment on Zynq/Xilinx platform

  • Penar
    Portage de XEN sur ARM

  • Romeo
    Real-Time Functional Cardiac Embedded Diagnostic System version 2

  • SOSoC
    System-on-Chip Optimization on embedded computing cores

  • SysMu0
    Plateforme didactique pour étudier l'architecture d'un système à processeur basé sur le MU0 (processeur didactique de ARM)

  • vf-llr
    Virtualization framework for Logitech Living Room

  • Zigbox
    Wireless gateway to Internet using Zigbee protocols

  • GridEye
    Embedded solution for Smart Grid management


  • XFV
    eXtremely Fast Vision

  • Carte Max V
    Carte Max V 80p/25p