Our strategical axes

The institute’s work is organised along three lines of research. The following buttons will show you the assigned projects for each line.


Integrated Design of Embedded Systems

Axis coordinator: Alberto Dassatti

We are able to entirely design and realize a high performance embedded platform.

Our experience in the hardware design (schematic, routing, tests) of high-density and high-speed boards, embedded runtime environments (monitors, OSs, RTOSs), and software  engineering (from low-level programming to GUIs), allows us to design and implement embedded platforms from scratch.

  • Complex design of embedded platforms
  • Various design integration (communication, memory, sensors, etc.)
  • Development of specific software environments
  • Deployment of embedded hardware and software platforms

Under development

  • ADOB
    Autonomous and Decentralized Objects for (smart) Buildings

    Autonomous Robot for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Demesys
    Development Methodologies for Embedded Systems

Completed projects

  • USB console
    USB interface board for education

    Conception de l'Architecture d'un Banc de mesure CO-design

    Modular and scalable platform, for both teaching and R&D purposes

  • HCB
    Multi-purpose communication embedded platform

  • IMuSBA
    Bio-identification par reconnaissance de la structure vénale de la main

  • SysMu0
    Plateforme didactique pour étudier l'architecture d'un système à processeur basé sur le MU0 (processeur didactique de ARM)

  • GridEye
    Embedded solution for Smart Grid management


  • Carte Max V
    Max V board 80p/25p

  • Servo USB
    Didactic board

  • TFA
    Transparent Live Code Offloading on FPGA


  • WISE
    Wireless Interoperability Spectrum Explorer

  • BB-Sensors
    A portable and miniaturized wireless vital signs monitoring system for neonatalogy.

  • To2020
    Advanced Wireless communication system for Ultra High Definition television contribution links

    Wireless lnteroperability Spectrum Explorer using Machine Learning

  • OSSO
    Open and Secure Smart Objects

  • e2cat
    Embedded EtherCAT on RPi4