Our strategical axes

The institute’s work is organised along three lines of research. The following buttons will show you the assigned projects for each line.


Heterogeneous Device Support

Axis coordinator: Daniel Rossier

High performance embedded systems are based on heterogeneous hardware: processing units (32/64- bit processors/ microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGAs, GPUs, etc.) and peripherals (multimedia, communication, sensors, motor control, etc.).

Reaching a high level of parallelism involves deadling efficiently with software heterogeneity. Our approach consists in partitioning the application on several processing units and using virtualization to run several operating systems on the same hardware.

  • Software development for heterogeneous hardware
  • Software partitioning on heterogeneous target platforms
  • Development of processor clusters and calculation units (DSP, FPGA, etc.)
  • Optimal use of hardware resources according to application needs

Under development

    Autonomous Robot for Sustainable Agriculture

Completed projects

  • FPGA2
    Heterogeneous HPC systems framework

    Modular and scalable platform, for both teaching and R&D purposes

  • eSLEE
    Environment execution especially tailored to embedded applications

  • HCB
    Multi-purpose communication embedded platform

  • AFSS
    Adaptative File System for Space Application

  • EMG4B
    Energy Management Gateway for Buildings

  • PoSeNoGap
    Portable Scalable Concurrency for Genomic Data Processing

  • ISyPeM2
    Intelligent Integrated System for Personalized Medicine 2: From the Point of Care to the Databases

  • Monartis
    Monitoring and Analysis of Real-Time Industrial System

  • Netbox
    Wireless router to Internet for telemetry, vehicles, and remote applications

  • Omiam
    Live OS Migration on Android Multicore Devices

  • Op&Sec
    Open & Secure virtualized environment on Zynq/Xilinx platform

  • Penar
    XEN port on ARM

  • SOSoC
    System-on-Chip Optimization on embedded computing cores

  • vf-llr
    Virtualization framework for Logitech Living Room

  • Zigbox
    Wireless gateway to Internet using Zigbee protocols

  • FSS
    Full System Simulation

  • VPE
    Design of a transparent software execution enhancer on an heterogeneous platform

  • HPA
    Heterogeneous Platform Accelerator: An opportunistic approach to embedded energy efficiency

  • TFA
    Transparent Live Code Offloading on FPGA