REDS's Projects

Completed projects

  • Servo USB
    Didactic board

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus Guitar Sound Morphing System

  • FSS
    Full System Simulation

  • DNoC
    Deterministic Network on Chip (DNoC) Based FPGA Design Environment for Xilinx Ultrascale Devices

  • VPE
    Design of a transparent software execution enhancer on an heterogeneous platform

  • HPA
    Heterogeneous Platform Accelerator: An opportunistic approach to embedded energy efficiency

  • TFA
    Transparent Live Code Offloading on FPGA


  • CMF
    Cache Memory on FPGA for external DDR with Multiple Agents

    Power-Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Genomic Algorithms

  • SpikeOnChip
    Analyse on-line et on-chip d'activité neuronale

  • TrustStick
    High secure USB Stick device for secure Token (smart token), VPN Ethernet networking and mass storage using ARM TrustZone technology

  • WISE
    Wireless Interoperability Spectrum Explorer

  • BB-Sensors
    A portable and miniaturized wireless vital signs monitoring system for neonatalogy.

  • To2020
    Advanced Wireless communication system for Ultra High Definition television contribution links

  • HARP2E
    HARP2 Explorer

  • Demo_TB40Giga
    Système de test d'une liaison optique Ethernet à 40 Gigabit/sec

    Wireless lnteroperability Spectrum Explorer using Machine Learning

  • OSSO
    Open and Secure Smart Objects

  • e2cat
    Embedded EtherCAT on RPi4