REPTAR is a versatile laboratory support board, that can be used in different courses, such as embedded computing, systems architecture processor and digital systems. The REPTAR board federates those courses, by offering a common ground developing platform.
REPTAR combines an OMAP processor (itself consisting of a ARM-A8 core and DSP) with a programmable (FPGA) Xilinx Spartan 6. The platform also includes a large number of control, display and communication devices. Modular by design, it offers many opportunities for extensions.
From a programming perspective, labs can be done in different ways:
  1. Development at the application or core level within the processor with an OS or RTOS without intervention from the FPGA
  2. Low level development without an OS and without intervention from the FPGA
  3. Development of applications in the FPGA without CPU usage
  4. Joint development of processor and FPGA codes

Courses with REPTAR