Modular and scalable platform, for both teaching and R&D purposes
January 2011 - December 2013
Software-oriented Heterogeneous Device Support Integrated Design of Embedded Systems

In 2010 we faced hard questions. What an Embedded Engineer has to know to be ready for tomorrow's challenges? What future embedded systems will look like? We honestly failed in completely answering these questions. Looking for an answer stimulated a deep reflection and reorganization of our classes aiming to provide a vast set of hands on experiences to our students. If this is our more modest goal, what platform can be used to teach numeric system, networking, operating systems, sensor interfacing  and embedded system architecture in general? The standard approach is using a different tailored platform for each subject. This approach has many advantages, but acquiring and maintaining a large number of systems is a hard and expensive task. After much more reflection we adopted a different approach: REPTAR.

Embedded platform CPU, FPGA & 7" screen
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Reptar is a high performance, feature rich, educational and research platform that we use to teach ( PTR,IEM, CSF, CSE, ASP). We also use it to develop fast prototypes in our projects SOSoC. And finally, we use it as a show case of our expertise. We took the hard path to develop Reptar: we choose to do it all in house from the idea to the schematic, from the routing to the BSP development, from the incoming tests to the graphical interface. 

Complexe digital design in FPGA
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Standalone CPU board
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