Multi-purpose communication embedded platform
April 2006 - July 2007
Software-oriented Heterogeneous Device Support Integrated Design of Embedded Systems

The HCB is a multi-purpose communication embedded platform that can act as user terminal or highly secure and reliable gateway for wireless ad-hoc networking.The HCB relies on a modular architecture using an XScale microcontroller and a FPGA in order to access a variety of communication module (UMTS, GPRS, GPS, HSDPA, etc.) and to provide applications with highly secure transmission. The HCB will run a dedicated software framework providing the user with adequate roaming/routing performance and graphical user interface mainly based on the Swisscom Unlimited technology.

The HCB platform is devoted to a wide range of user and network applications such as surveillance and security monitoring, location-based services, multimedia terminal, machine-to-machine applications, etc. Primary HCB market segments are automotive and military industries as well as bio-medical, entertainment, domestic areas including mobile transportation (car, bus, train).