HARP2 Explorer
March 2017 - March 2018
Software-oriented Heterogeneous Device Support

HARP2 Explorer

During the last year we developed a new technology named TFA. TFA is able to transparently exploit FPGA accelerators starting from unmodified source code. Our innovative approach could be a game changer in a context of massive transformations for FPGA markets. Notwithstanding the impressive results obtained so far, we need to invest in order to improve our technology base and foster collaborations in the coming months.

One of the main news in 2016 has been the 16.7 Billions dollar acquisition of Altera from Intel. After this acquisition a new research platform featuring Xeon processors and Arria10 has been created. In October 2016 we submitted the results obtained with TFA for an evaluation related to new call for project 'Intel Hardware Accelerator Research Program v2'. After review, our team has been selected to participate and awarded access to this new platform. With this project we aim at establish a base of competencies on this architecture that could be part of future data centers.