Environment execution especially tailored to embedded applications
January 2007 - December 2007
Software-oriented Heterogeneous Device Support

This project proposes to investigate an environment execution especially tailored to embedded applications where interactions between a microcontroller and reconfigurable device are particularly relevant, and may require some real time constraints. The approach consists in porting a framework to the embedded systems context. The new environment, called eSLEE (embedded Service Logic Execution Environment) will enhance the microcontroller with a running Java-based environment enabling the deployment of component-oriented applications and the management of (re-)configuration of specific IP-Cores into the reconfigurable device (FPGA) that are required by the application. An AES cryptographic IP-Core will be considered in order to provide a security service to the application. Moreover a JAVA Virtual Machine and a framework will be ported on a XScale processor platform . The eSLEE will thus contribute to reduce time-to-market development of new embedded services and rapid prototyping.