5G PROfessional audio-visual LIVE broadcast
January 2020 - June 2022
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The Project Partners submitted an application for funding to implement their project "5G PROLIVE: 5G PROfessional audio-visual LIVE broadcast" to the Contributor on 31.07.2019. The project has the fol­lowing intention: 
The main innovation of the project is the introduction of new 5G emerging telecom technologies for the live production of TV content covering different use cases ranging from indoor studio up to mobile out­door large sport events. 
The application has been assessed by the Contributor and deemed eligible for a contribution. The Contributor has communicated the positive outcome of the assessment to the Project Partners in writ­ing. 
The documents requested by the Contributor for submission before the conclusion of the Agreement were submitted before the Agreement was concluded. 
The Contracting Parties of this contractual relationship are the Contributor on the one hand and, on the other hand, ail research and implementation partners involved in the project (hereinafter jointly re­ferred to as "Project Partners"). The contributions are made directly to a research partner, who is re­ferred to as the Recipient in this Agreement.

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