REDS Institute: Applied Research and Development

The Reconfigurable & Embedded Digital Systems (REDS) institute, which is attached to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) of the HEIG-VD, has strong R&D expertise in high-performance embedded systems.


The activities of the Institute rely on three strategical axes:

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In these domains, the Institute has achieved numerous marking realizations based on industrial contracts, and national or European projects.
The following examples can be quoted for 2012:
  • The development of a 24-layers board including 32 high-speed 10 Gigabits/s serial lines connected to optical transceivers
  • A multi-OS virtualization platform
  • A reconfigurable radio communication system
  • A multi-sensor platform for geological monitoring
  • A reconfigurable embedded platform for training and research

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Portes Ouvertes de la HEIG-VD

by Elena Mata | Mar 10, 2015
Cette année encore l'institut REDS se mobilise pour les Portes Ouvertes de la HEIG-VD. Venez nombreuses et nombreux le vendredi 20 mars dès 14h sur le site de St-Roch.