REDS Institute: Applied Research and Development

The Reconfigurable & Embedded Digital Systems (REDS) institute, which is attached to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) of the HEIG-VD, has strong R&D expertise in high-performance embedded systems.


The activities of the Institute rely on three strategical axes:

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In these domains, the Institute has achieved numerous marking realizations based on industrial contracts, and national or European projects.
The following examples can be quoted for 2012:
  • The development of a 24-layers board including 32 high-speed 10 Gigabits/s serial lines connected to optical transceivers
  • A multi-OS virtualization platform
  • A reconfigurable radio communication system
  • A multi-sensor platform for geological monitoring
  • A reconfigurable embedded platform for training and research

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REDS in Athens

by Elena Mata | Oct 13, 2014
October 10, 2014, Yann Thoma presented in Athens the latest results of the project to effective communication between FPGAs and GPUs.
He was guest of the meeting HiPEAC (European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation): more info

The network brings together European researchers around a core theme of the REDS institut. Many interesting contacts have been created.